Adults/Kids Reiki Treatment (English/French) :

* Hands On/Off Treatment  $60

* Distance Reiki Treatment $45

* Reiki Kids classes Level1 from 6 year old (about 4 hours) $100

(as an ECE teacher I do have first aid certificate/criminal check records...that I can provide for parents if necessary)

More details under EVENTS/PHOTOS

* Animal Reiki (I will refer you to a Reiki Master/Teacher qualified in animal/Reiki/massage)

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me and will do my best to answer your questions.

* Reiki/Mediation workshop in French are available (see EVENTS).

Reiki session/workshops can also be booked through the Westcoast Reiki Centre and School website (



Your Reiki healing session will last about an hour. I will have a little consultation before and then you will lie down (fully clothed) on the treatment table, my hands are held on your body or off (whatever feels the most comfortable for you) and I will channel the Reiki energy to you. You should feel relax and calm, you might fall asleep, laugh or feel nothing. My hands might feel warm, cold or nothing.

After the treatment you should feel relaxed, refreshed. Sometimes the energy levels increased, a better general wellbeing. Reiki helps removing and releasing negative vibrations. Sometimes people may feel a little sluggish, the body's way to cleanse and eliminate toxins and negativity.

Reiki works in a need of each individual, it's a personal journey. Reiki energy will carry on for a while after the session. It's always recommended to do a few sessions however it's your personal journey so do as you feel.

Be kind to yourself always!!!!

All treatments/workshops can be done in both languages French/English.