Craft made with children, the Reiki principles, Reiki song for children ( Michèle Denis Westcoast Reiki Centre)

REIKI KIDS: Improves concentration                                         

                   Enhances relaxation and sleep        

                   Promotes creativity

                   Balances emotions and feelings

                   Helps to recognize pains/emotions

                   Encourages self-awareness

Children are born magical, pure being. I am very soft and gentle while channeling the Reiki energy to children and always do as much as they want. They usually tell me when to stop.

Master Takata used to say "Reiki will guide you. Let Reiki's hands find it. They will know what to do."

Children and Reiki have a wonderful relationship like a couple that helps each other to grow within love and harmony.

Children with ADHA, hyperactivity benefit from Reiki too, the energy helps to focus and to be centered.

Reiki is also a very good help fro parents, Reiki gets everyone calmer.

Children attuned to Reiki, flow the Reiki Energy through their hands, learning different positions to channel the energy to themselves and others.

REIKI can also help with:

 Autism spectrum disorders  Transitional activities

Colic                                     Fears

Digestive problems                Growing pain

Emotional upset                     Period pain

Exam stress                           Sleep issues

Fatigue/tiredness                  Teething/toothache


Reiki Energy Ball

(excellent tool for children attuned to Reiki level1)

          It's a very good way for children to get in touch with their energy field. Children will understand that they are electromagnetic beings as well as physical beings by using energy sensing techniques.

                        "Rub your hands together (like if you were cold),

                         Relax your hands and put your palms facing each other's,

                         Move them closer and farther.

                         Just relax and feel the energy ball between your hands"

                          "Maybe one day you can even see it!"

Children instinctively know where to put their hands to make us feel better. Reiki is quick and effective. I like to think this occur because children are truly open and lead channels for this life force energy.



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